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Reasons for buying Premium Domain Names

What is a premium domain name?

Premium domain names are short, catchy, memorable names that are already registered to a person, entity or organization. The cost of a premium domain can range from a 3‐figure number to a 7‐figure number, depending on the demand.

If you search for a premium domain name that's already registered, we perform a basic search using the name you entered and provide a list of alternate domain names you might be interested in registering. On the Premium Domains tab, we list domain names for sale by their owners. You can purchase them through us.

To purchase a premium domain name, simply add it to your shopping cart and proceed through checkout. There are two fees: a transfer fee and a registration fee. Sales tax is applicable to premium domain names. After payment, the domain will briefly move into a holding account and then we'll then transfer it to your account. We charge subsequent renewals at the normal renewal price, unless a premium domain has special renewal pricing. You can access the domain name in your account after we complete the transfer process.

Premium Domain Names are suitable for:

  • Small or medium businesses
  • Domainers
  • Marketing or brand management
  • Hobbyist or personal

What attributes make a domain "Premium"?

Qualifying a domain as "premium" depends of a combination of facts set by the market demand and its purchase price is set accordingly

  • The domain name history since its initial registration
  • It is a Brandable name
  • It is a non brandable single word
  • Length of the name / memorability
  • TLD strength (.COMs are the most valuable)

Why do people buy Premium Domains?

  • Name of their business
  • Name of a product or service
  • Keyword in their industry
  • Hobby, investment or personal use

A Premium Domain gives you access to a scarce and increasingly important resource

Evaluate what you try to accomplish before considering the investment in a Premium domain

  • A shorter name for your online business: Having a shorter, more recognizable domain is something that can really help the marketing of your business.
  • Your URL would be easier to remember, and it would minimize the possibility of typos (these points apply to associated email addresses as well).
  • What do you charge your new accounts / what do you earn for every new customer you gain?
  • Don't you think having a shoter domain name would bring in at least (cost of domain / new customer)?
  • Make sure you implement the premium domain a.s.a.p as your home URL and email address.

Questions that trigger the decision to invest in a premium domain

  • How much does your business depend on the online presence that you want to create?
  • Why did you pick your current domain name?
  • Are you looking for a domain that already has a search and click history?
  • Does your domain pass the radio test? If a customer were to hear your domain name on the radio while riding in their car, would they be able to remember it by the time they got home?
  • Was your current domain name your first choice? A lot of new businesses choose from unregistered domains, but you don't have to - and you probably shouldn't. There are thousands of domains to chose from (even those that have been registered), and they're easy to remember, short in character count and can be an asset to your business for many years.
  • A Premium Domain Purchase is a one-time fee. When your domain expires, it will renew for the regular annual price (i.e. a .com domain extension renewal rate is around $10/yr).

Checking premium domain names options

  • Say the domain out loud.
  • Make sure your customers can pronounce and spell your domain name.
  • Look for domains that imply credibility. That is crucial to the success of online businesses!
  • The ideal domain is a short .com (or a local TLD) that exactly matches your business name with no hyphens. It's easy to remember, spell and it accurately represents your brand.
  • Look for domains in categories that directly relate to your business.

Benefits of investing in a Premium Domain Name

  • Legitimacy and professionalism: Customers will be more apt to do business with you online.
  • Premium online real estate: You want a prime location so your prospects and customers ca easily find you.
  • Easy to remember: Your domain will be tied directly to your website and email address. It will be visible on your marketing / promotional items, business cards, letterhead and maybe even a billboard. You want a domain that existing and prospective customers can easily remember.
  • Short and sweet: The longer your domain, the more difficult it is for customers to remember. During the time of this article post, the 1,000,000 most popular domains were on average about 10 characters long. Also consider choosing a domain name that is easy to spell. Getting people to take an interest in your company is difficult enough. You don't want a lose business simply because customers can't get to your website.
  • Search engine strength:Domains with strong keywords can improve your ranking in the major search engines.
  • Popular TLD selection: Purchasing a Premium Domain may be the difference in coming away with a .COM or something else. You may consider skipping a Premium Domain that ends in .COM because the .INFO or .NET is available for less. Less than two years ago, 75 percent of all registered domains were .COMs. The reason is simple: .COM is still considered the most popular and well known TLD. That number has likely changed some with the introduction of many new domain extensions. Yet, a .COM still can be a strong contender for most small businesses. Most quality .COM addresses are only available on the secondary market and only for a premium price.
  • Brand recognition:A good domain is not just short and easy to remember, but also brandable. Originally keyword rich domains received higher rankings simply because they contained the same keywords people used in their searches. However, it seems these exact match domains are no longer receiving the same preferential treatment they once did. Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool. Brand affinity is clearly hard wired. It is so fundamental to human existence that it's not going away.
  • Previous history: Domains with previous history are considered more authoritative in the eyes of search engines.
  • Increased value: Domains can grow in value with each passing day. You would include the domain in the offer if you were to ever sell your business. Companies do that all the time and recoup expenditures.
  • VA smart investment: If for some reason you were forced to cease operations, this is a domain you'd always be able to sell. And because it will have an established history, you'll likely be able to sell it for more than you purchased it for.

Premium Domains general questions

What is a Premium Domain?

A Premium Domain is simply a domain that is already registered to another person or company, and they're willing to sell it for a specific price. Often these domains carry a higher price tag because they're shorter, more popular or contain common / relevant words. At Domains Partners we do not own these domains, we simply help the registrants list the domain and facilitate the sale in the event the domain is purchased.

How are domains valued ?

Domains are valued like real estate. All of these factors contribute to the value of a domain:

  • Comparable Industry
  • Revenue sales
  • Development cost
  • Keyword popularity
  • Global trends
  • Dream factor
  • Character construct and brandability
  • Availability of alternative length TLDs
  • Number of words
  • Traffic cost

The vast majority of domain names sell between $1,000 and $5,000 USD. Each domain owner / seller determines their own pricing.

Are they worth it?

We already discussed why a memorable and brandable domain is important. So generally speaking, yes, a Premium Domain has more value. However, you have to determine if a specific Premium Domain fits within your budget. You must also consider if that Premium Domain has value for YOU. If you are considering a Premium Domain name, then there is a chance that your existing customers already know you and you business by that name. If your domain name does not perfectly match your existing business, then how much will it cost to re-brand your business?

Can I get the Premium Domain at a later date?

You may consider purchasing a less expensive domain now, and getting a Premium Domain at a later date. You will save money in the short - term, but you may cost yourself more in the long run.

If you change domains down the road, how much time and money will you spend ensuring customers know your business by this new domain?

How much time and money will you invest updating your marketing / promotional materials, business cards, etc. will you need, just to raise awareness of your domain change?

That potential lost money are just the costs that are easy to quantify. But how much money will you lose when your new domain does not immediately have the same search engine ranking as your previous domain?

Will you lose money when some searches for related business does not find your website because it is now lower in the search results?

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